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Vasso Georgiadou

Vasso Georgiadou interviewed by One Film Fan

Positively Scottish
Extra-ordinary Lives: when Vasso went to Hollywood, via Langside College and Govan

James J Robson and Sharon Osdin

Bernd Porr

One Film Fan interviews director Bernd Porr


'Anna Unbound' is a great exploration of the human psyche

Cutting Room Floor podcast

Live broadcast from 10 July 2016 12:00 PM EDT
The interview with Bernd Porr and Vasso Georgiadou starts at 20:26

Bernd Porr has crafted a solid and effective indie drama as his feature debut, thanks largely to an evocative original score and his now frequent collaborator Vasso Georgiadou in the lead role, a powerful and nuanced performance from a talent we hope to see more of in future.

From Page 2 Screen
If you are a fan of psychological dramas and also love to see something fresh, and fun, but also dark and atmospheric. Then please do check out Anna Unbound. A great start to a new week for me.

Review of Anna Unbound by One Film Fan
Overall, Anna Unbound is a raw, engrossing, disconcerting, and nerve-wracking piece of independent cinema that truly deserves notice from the film world and audiences alike.

Review of Anna Unbound by Reel Dude
This intoxicating tale delving into the psyche of Anna is a great first go round and leaves me excited to see what this crew will whip up next. RDR gives Anna Unbound a 7.9 out of 10.

Anna Unbound's Bechdel test page
This movie passed 3 of 3 tests.


Vasso Georgiadou

North Hollywood Cinefest 2016: Best Actress in a Feature Film

Vasso Georgiadou wins best actress at the 2016 North Hollywood Cinefest
Sharon Osdin

London IFF 2016: Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

Sharon Osdin wins best supporting actress at the London IFF 2016


Anna Unbound behind the scenes