Ian realizes that he needs to change his mind about his veggie partner -- literally.

How far would you go to please your vegetarian? Dan is partial to the 'occasional' burger while Rachel, his girlfriend is a militant vegetarian. It's make or break time in their relationship and the ball is in Iain's court to ditch the meat. A lot of thought and a head bandage later, Dan is creating a magnificent, epic, vegetarian meal ---much to the sheer horror of Rachel and amazement of her sister.

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Runtime11 min
Date of CompletionJanuary 2010
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom
DirectorsBernd Porr & Liam Callander
ScriptLiam Callander & Bernd Porr
Rachel Hilde McKenna
Ian Kenneth McColl
Beth Martine McMenemy
CameraAndrew Greer
Boom operatorsIan Smith & David McKeitch
GripSarah Philipsz & Ralf Nieder
Edit Bernd Porr