During a single afternoon/evening we follow an EU citz with her family around. It's mid-week. With her husband and one of the daughters they drive over to her in-laws to have dinner. However, it's loaded with unspoken issues. In particular, the in-laws have relayed to her husband that if she mentions Brexit in any form they are no longer welcomed in the house. In order to keep the peace, she played the game in the past but that day she decides to give the in- laws a present without her husband knowing: it's a book about testimonials from EU citz -- called "In Limbo". The action plays out from her wrapping it, the visit, over to the drive home and and going on twitter which reveals the subtitles: they are all tweets and her consolation.

StatusApplied for funding
Runtime5 min
Director / ProducerBernd Porr
Script Remo Catani
MusicMatthew Whiteside