Some things are best kept private. Some things can't be.

Daniel is an introvert. Among his friends he is the quiet one, especially when the gobby Jenny and simple Simon are around. This leads him to sitting back and enjoying the show put on his entourage. He watches, listens and learns. One night after a party his flatmate introduces him to the latest in amateur hacking: webcam hijacking. Daniel's habits, now enhanced by technology and the coverage of the world wide web allow him to observe anyone, amongst whom are his friends. He soon finds Lauren, Simon's girlfriend. One night he sees something which leaves him puzzled and curious to know what exactly happened. To act on it would be to expose his voyeuristic tendencies but not to could have serious repercussions.

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Runtime13 min : 36 sec
Date of CompletionDecember 2010
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom
DirectorBernd Porr
ScriptNicolas Andrew Motte
Script editorsMatthew Westwick & Angela Robb
DanielTommy J Brennan
LaurenClaire McNeil
Simon Martin Haddow
Jenny Kerry Leanne Sellick
Peter Cary Cullen
Porn dude Paul Gronan
Party host Reyhan Bekar
CameraAndrew Greer
DesignLeila Kirsten Frondigoun
Boom operatorMatthew Westwick
Edit Bernd Porr